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PCR Test

Day 2 & Day 8


Day 2 & Day 8


Book an appointment in one of our clinics in London

OR It can be posted includes 2 kits for both day 2 and day 8

The Travel Test Package contains both Day 2 and Day 8 tests. These tests are mandatory for anyone traveling to England from a NON_RED country. You need to book this package before you travel to England. This is so you can enter details of your test into your passenger locator form.

You can collect your kit from our branches in London

Alternatively, the kits can be posted out to your home address prior to your arrival in the UK

Postage takes 48-72 hours when booked before mid-day on weekdays. Please book in advance to avoid any delays.

You must take the Day 2 test on your 2nd full day of isolation, or earlier. If you arrive back in the UK on a Monday, your 2nd full day would be Wednesday. Your Day 8 test would be taken on the following Tuesday

Click here to book your day 5 test to release.

✔ Covid-19 RT PCR Test.

✔ Day 2 & Day 8 Results typically available late that day after your test.

✔ Self swab test included instructions.

✔ Gold standard test for accuracy and quality. Fully compliant and recognised worldwide. 99.9% accurate.

✔ This test can be purchased well in advance.

✔ This price includes: Test Kit / Packaging / Laboratory Analysis / Certificate

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