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HOME/Hotel Visit Testing


Ideally tests would be carried out by a medical professional. Our testing kits include clear instructions on how to perform the tests.

How is the COVID-19 test conducted?

You will take a combined throat and nose swab, using the same swab. First, you will make contact with 6 points in the throat as illustrated in your instructions. You will then insert the swab 2 – 3 cm into each nostril, and follow the instructions to obtain the optimum sample.

How do I receive & send the home-testing kit?

Once you book your home-testing kit online, your kit can be dispatched to you by 24-hour tracked trusted courier company nationwide. We offer free fast delivery labels on your samples to return your kits to our lab.

Once you have taken your swab, please place the swab in the home-testing kit box and seal it within the enclosed stamped addressed plastic envelope. This can go into any letterbox. Once our London-based laboratory receives your sample, your result will be available within 12 hours.

 All of our home-test kits come with free fit-to-fly.

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