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Covid-19 testing across the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to cancel or fail to attend your booked appointment and admin fee will be changed. Please read the Refund Policy.

Refunds and cancellation request should be submitted via email on, this may take up to 14 days to process.

Will I get my result on time?

We hand deliver our tests to our associated labs daily for testing to try and get you results within the specified timeframe.

However please note that labs may have to repeat tests which could impact timing.

Whilst we will do our very best to ensure your result is returned on time, PCRtravel is unable to accept liability or provide any compensation for costs you may incur due to delayed results.

Covid-19 Testing FAQs

What test do I need?

The tests we offer are as follows:

  • PCR Test – Testing for active infection. Available in our dedicated testing centres or self-testing at home.
  • Fit to Fly Test – Proof of no infection with an accompanying travel certificate. Available in our dedicated testing centres and clinics.
  • Rapid Antigen Test – Testing for active infection. Results within 4 hours. Available in our dedicated testing centres only
  • Antibody ‘Abbott’ Test – Blood testing for the presence of antibodies for past infection. Available in clinic

Are travel certificates included in my test?

All our tests include travel certificates if required.

When should I use covid 19 test to release?

If you return to the UK from a country that is no on the UK travel corridor list, you can take this test on day 5 after returning. If you test negative, you may be allowed to be ‘released’ from quarantine as per government guidelines.

What is the covid 19 abbot test?

This test will be able to tell if you have had COVID 19 in the past by testing for antibodies in you blood. This test should be performed after 21 days from symptoms.

Please note that there is no evidence to suggest that you will be fully immune from covid 19 following infection and the presence of antibodies in your blood. Therefore, it is important to continue to social distance and follow government guidelines during the pandemic.

How does the home test kit work?

Once your online booking is made, you will be sent a test kit in the post VIA royal mail signed for. The test kit will include all the instructions required to perform the test. The swabs should be sealed and posted back for laboratory testing.

For faster results we advise our patients to take the test immediately and send results via special delivery or via a private courier for faster turnaround.

Are the tests provided accurate?

All our tests are sourced from UKAS accredited laboratories, which are the regulatory body for the testing for COVID-19 in the UK, to ensure the most accurate results.

Where are tests performed?

Tests are carried out in our branches in London and then sent to local testing laboratories for a fast turnaround.

How do I book a test?

Tests can be booked online or by telephone.

Confirmation of your booking will be sent via email.

Your testing day

What do I need to do before my test?

Do not eat drink chew or brush your teeth withing at least 20 minutes of having you test.

This can contaminate you sample and may result in delays and may potentially require a retest.

If you are having a fit to fly test, please bring your passport or any other travel document to your appointment.

When should I arrive for my test at the clinic?

Please arrive just prior to testing time. This allows us to manage the flow of patients.


When do I receive my results?

Antibody tests – 48hrs via email

PCR fit to fly test – same day, 24 hours or within 48 hours from when the test has been taken.

Please note that we use external laboratories and have no control over their processing times once we have delivered any samples.

How do I receive my travel certificate?

All travel certificates are sent via email.

If you have any questions, please email on:  

What happens if my result is delayed?

Please note that we use external laboratories, and we are unable to control their processing times once the samples have been delivered.

Laboratories may need to repeat tests or prioritise some tests over others which could impact the timing of the results.

PCRtravel is unable to provide any compensation for any costs you may incur due to delayed results.

What happens with a positive result?

All positive results are reported to public health England as part of the national reporting process.

PCRtravel will also report positive test results identified via rapid antigen tests to public health England.

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